Latest Auto Brand Perception Survey Shows Tesla Ranked Fifth Among American Consumers

Here at Motrolix, Tesla has recently been featured heavily for all the right reasons. Therefore, no surprise Tesla is on the rise in the mind of consumers in the United States, reaching a new milestone in the Consumer Reports’ Car-Brand Perception Survey, coming in at number 5 behind household names Toyota, Ford, Chevrolet and Honda. The four are staple brands here in America. But Tesla is the new kid on the block.

Why is this relevant? Only a year ago, Tesla found itself ranked tenth on the survey. Since then, its Supercharger technology has grown exponentially in both the United States and Europe, and, on two occasions (one for a Guinness World Record attempt) Tesla vehicles have traveled across the U.S. for no fuel or charging cost at all. What it means is Tesla and their electrically-charged vehicles are more than a distant afterthought, showing everyday, convenient uses. In fact, the voting covered the following criteria: value, safety, performance, safety, design, technology and quality.

The performance indicator shows Tesla has moved forwards in leaps and bounds. Considering the cars ability to brave the weather conditions, including ice and snow storms, as well as comfortably drive over adverse terrain from LA to NYC, the capabilities of the Tesla Model S is no joke. Additionally, with over 70+ Supercharger locations providing half-a-charge in 20 minutes, the design and technology speak for themselves. And value. Zero dollars is phenomenal.

Despite the impressive rise up the ranks in the mind of the public, Tesla is not expecting orders to follow suit immediately. Considering Tesla was trying to calculate their losses from bad reviews and the “electric-car fad” from previous years, a simple change in mindset means a lot. However, after the success of their cross-country exploits (whether fans meeting drivers at the Supercharger locations or tweeting/following the trek online), Tesla knows similar demonstrations of their cars is the key to shifting consumer perception.

As Tesla continue to make strides, stay in touch with Motrolix to find out the latest on the electric-car movement.


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