McLaren 650S Photos Leak Ahead Of 2014 Geneva Motor Show Debut

Shortly before its upcoming debut in Geneva this next month, the world has gained access to some leaked photos of the latest Ferrari-fighting machine from the Brits: The McLaren 650S. Visually, it seems to blend the looks of the MP4-12C and the new P1 hypercar to sieze supercar victory over Italy for Her Majesty the Queen.

As the name suggests, the English supercar produces a sky-high 650 hp and a hearty 485 pound feet of torque; slight increases over the “run of the mill” MP4-12C. Improvements are apparent everywhere you gaze, with standard carbon ceramic rotors, increased downforce via mild aerodynamic improvements and firmer suspension, making this already impressive vehicle into a bona-fide land missile. Ferrari 458 Speciale, look out. Lamborghini Aventador, you too.

The manufacturer is always striving to learn new lessons and with this ever-increasing knowledge, the 650S draws heavily from the latest hypercar produced by the Woking-based company: The McLaren P1. While all the greasy bits have been enhanced, the front fascia appears to be stolen right off of the rocket-like P1, yet still seems to be aesthetically pleasing without losing its function over form mentality.

When it is officially released at the 2014 Geneva Auto Show, the McLaren 650S will have its chance to prove its the Italian supercar hunter many people expect it to be. The victor is far from decided but if McLaren can back up its jaw-dropping numbers with an equally impressive driving experience, this latest vehicle from the historic nameplate very well may have what it takes to be the best in the world for this segment.

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