Special-Edition Subaru BRZ Far From Real Deal

Subaru may have found an exciting way to promote its aftermarket parts to its customers in the United States, after entertaining the idea of a BRZ fitted with STI-division goodies.

No, the vehicle will not, sadly, be an official BRZ STI — which will leave enthusiasts reeling. However, according to sources at car and driver, a similar vehicle to the BRZ tS, produced for the Japanese market, could be offered up within the following months, according to Car and Driver. Such upgrades would allow STI cosmetics to be showcased on a North American BRZ, but leaves gear-heads yearning for under-the-hood modifications to match the car’s performance with its looks.

Putting the cosmetic upgrades into perspective, talk of an STI badge, upgraded wheels, and changes to the lip spoiler are all plausible – for this writer, however, nothing to jump out of my seat for (especially knowing the Subaru’s performance potential).

Stay tuned to find out the aftermarket goodies set to adorn the BRZ for the North American market and, maybe one day in the future, a legitimate BRZ STI. We can only hope.


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