Saleen To Dive Into Electric Car Market With Tuned Tesla Model S

To everyone’s surprise, the Tesla Model S will be the latest car to receive performance enhancements by Saleen, the tuning company famous for its Mustangs and the S7 supercar. Although the hotted-up car is still a long way from being complete, the endeavor marks the first-ever Saleen electric vehicle, according to reports.

Given the Model S’ prominence in the media of late, it is only fitting that company owner Steve Saleen thought appropriate to stamp his mark on the model. According to sources, Saleen fully intends “to produce one of the most compelling Teslas to ever hit the roadway”, adding that the Saleen Model S would be a design unique from the performance-oriented company and that, despite its prior interest in gas-guzzling performance vehicles, the firm shares the vision to make cars less dependent on fossil fuels.

Think of all that what you may, but there is no denying that this business move by Saleen is a proactive and opportunistic. Yet despite the electricity — yes, pun intended — surrounding the proposed Saleen Model S, no release date has been set. Stay tuned for further developments on what should be one of the firm’s most intriguing projects.

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