Tesla Model X Poised To Take Flight Thanks To Falcon-Style Doors: Video

Tesla has begun 2014 the way it ended 2013; with a bang, making a flurry of headlines from World Record attempts, to the Supercharger revolution across both the United States and the Dach region in Europe. Now, Tesla has taken the DeLorean-style doors, on its 2012 Model X concept car, and announced the production Model X will, in all likelihood, feature such aesthetic brilliance on its doors.

The Model X, a vehicle based off the Model S with all-wheel-drive capabilities, will feature the falcon-winged doors, accompanied by sensor technology. According to sources, the simple sequence of opening a door will, in fact, be calculated in relation to objects surrounding your vehicle. Using a double hinged design, sensors will assure the doors open without hitting cars on either side of the Model X.

Note: At the Tesla Question-and-Answer, which took place in Norway, there was mention of a “Giga-Factory.” Nothing more can be concluded. Oh, Elon. You’re crazy and we love it.

Stay tuned for more news on the future of the Tesla Model X. If you’re curious to watch the entire 1.5-hour Q and A, we’ve posted the video just below. Mind the echo effect, however.

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