Tesla Patents Supercharger Capable Of Tending To Multiple Electric Vehicles At Once

With Tesla Motors stock rising and supercharger technology growing exponentially as of late, the EV car manufacturer has plans to revamp its electric charging stations to cater for multiple vehicles – right in time for the introduction of the Model X and, possibly, the Model E. The evidence stems from recent patent filings from the California automaker.

Smart technology is a theme within the Tesla garage and the proposed new charging stations are no exception. Not only will the stations be able to charge multiple vehicles, they will distribute charge based on variables such as arrival time and battery levels in each vehicle. Furthermore, there is even talk of charging in relation to drivers’ intended departure time, involving individuals engrossed in the “Tesla Lifestyle” to display honesty to their brothers and sisters.

Having recently completed multiple cross-country trips in the United States, the Tesla Model S has taken the electric-vehicle fad and transformed it into a full-blown reality – once a futuristic ideal now a modern-day marvel. With that in mind, this writer can never write off Tesla Motors big plans.

Stay tuned for further news pertaining to the new and improved electric vehicle charging stations.

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