The Ford Fiesta ST Takes On Europe’s Hottest Hatches: Video

Unknown to many drivers in the United States, Ford’s series of hatchbacks are renowned in the EU as well as the Asia Pacific, not so much its grunty V8 powerhouses. So it may come to a surprise to many Yankees that many critics refer to the Ford Focus ST and Fiesta ST hot hatchbacks as The Blue Oval’s best driving cars, and not the outgoing Mustang.

Competition for such vehicles isn’t too fearsome in the United States. Yet Europe is a different story, with the release of vehicles like the third-generation Mini Cooper S in the EU. Should Ford have waited in the wings before launching its new ST? Our friends at X-Car were one step ahead, putting the ST through its paces on both damp, misty roads and race-ready track.

Take a look below to see the results. Enjoy.

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