Volkswagen America CEO Talks Of Improving Dealer Relations, More New Products

There is a man with a plan. And that man with the big plan for Volksawagen Group of America is newly appointed CEO Michael Horn. He has touched home base recently at various dealers to tell them of his all encompassing goal and remedy to the issues the automaker as it enters the second decade of the 21st century.

“There are basically two key priorities,” Horn told Automotive News in an interview. “One is the dealer relations, and the other is to get the product ramp-up to get to the next step.”

He spoke with the dealers on various housekeeping issues raised by concerns over bonus structuring, a drop in profits, and a marketing budget. Yet, Horn was confident, and the grand plan will revolutionize not only the company’s message but also cause them to spend more money.

“For me, it’s quite obvious we have product advantages,” Horn said to Automotive News. “If the customers do not know this, we have to make it more clear, and explain ourselves.”

In addition to the aforementioned concerns of dealers, the new CEO also addressed the rollout of refreshed and new products, including a mid-cycle updates for the model-year 2015 Volkswagen Jetta, planned to roll out at this year auto show in New York City.

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