2015 McLaren 650S Price Rumored To Be $265,000 USD

With the debut of McLaren’s latest 650S supercar at the 2014 Geneva Motor Show, enthusiasts and analysts alike have been speculating where exactly it would be placed price-wise in the McLaren line-up, seeing as the original MP4-12C happens to be so close to the 650S in both performance and styling.

Rumors from a few weeks ago suggested around $300,000 when converted from Euros, or somewhere in the range of the Ferrari 458 Speciale; another rumor, this one a leaked report from Drag Times, had it pegged at $265,500 for the 650S. Speaking of the 458, the British manufacturer seems to be pulling a page straight out of their competitors’ handbooks, allowing consumers a hefty list of optional accessories, from carbon fiber this to exclusive paint color that–all for a price, mind you.

What is most critical is what $265,500 actually gets you: some 650 hp accompanied by  485 lbs.-ft. of torque, technological overload, and a front fascia seemingly snagged right off the million-dollar P1 hypercar.

At this moment all of this is simply speculation coming from others in the industry, but we’ll be here to bring you concrete prices and any other updates when they are announced.


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