2015 Nissan GT-R NISMO Pricing Released

Nissan has been steadily updating its most impressive GT-R supercar over the years, and this latest NISMO-edition GT-R is the epitome of mental Japanese engineering. Performance figures aside, this latest machine costs a very un-Nissan-like $151,585, easily the most expensive Datsun to ever make it to our shores. It must be noted that such a sum is nearly $35,000 more than Nissan’s other GT3-rivaling rocket ship: the GT-R Track Edition.

But shall we discuss the more important numbers?  This latest NISMO boasts some 600 hp and 481 lb. ft. of torque produced by its compact and bulletproof 3.8L twin-turbo V6. Power is sent to all four wheels by means of a lightning-quick dual-clutch transmission that launches the NISMO into a 0-60 sprint in well under 3 seconds. Ladies and gentlemen, Godzilla is back, except this time he’s on steroids. Like that new movie that’s coming out in the summer.

Further improvements to this track monster include the standard array of race-inspired revisions such as firmer shocks, suction cup-like tires, fortified alloy wheels, and a reworked chassis sporting heavier-duty materials in a feeble attempt to resist being torn apart by the beast inside. Aerodynamically speaking, the Nismo GT-R sports a brand new front clip and air splitter, drag reduction measures underneath the vehicle, and a massive rear-wing that is purported to produce a hefty 220 more pounds of downforce versus your run of the mill GT-R.

Perhaps most impressively was the Nismo GT-R’s lap time around one very intimidating racetrack in the heart of ze Deutschland. The GT-R was, for all intents and purposes, born at the Nürburgring, and its latest hot-lap around the “green hell” is a scalding 7 minutes 8 seconds—an achievement unmatched by any other production vehicle in the world. South of machines like the McLaren P1, of course.

First deliveries are slated to take place in a few months’ time, with the official date set for July 31, 2014, giving us plenty of time to start scrounging pennies for this near-mythical legend.



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