As McLaren 650S Production Begins, What Will Happen To The MP4-12C?

With the introduction of the McLaren 650S, it seems the fairly new and highly acclaimed MP4-12C will take a back seat in priority, as McLaren will reportedly halt production of the Ferrari 458 Italia rival. Both vehicles cost north of $250,000 but the differential in price and performance has determined offering a “lesser” brother of the latest McLaren supercar does not appear to be justified.

That said, there is no “official” discontinuation of the MP4-12C just yet, with the supercar still available for order per special request, it seems that McLaren is nearing its goal of a three-model line-up including the entry-level P13, the mid-range 650S and the halo hypercar P1.

With this ramp-up and infrastructure modifications made to accommodate the 650S, the original MP4 will be singing its swan song as loudly as long as consumers continue buying. Such actions are not new to the boutique supercar market, with the 15 year-old Pagani Zonda still being offered well after the release of the newest Hyuara model.

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