Bugatti Veyron Rembrandt Edition Debuts In Geneva

Bugatti is indeed selling another limited edition Vitesse Veyron, adding to its ever-growing “Legends Series” by honoring the life of Ettore Bugatti’s son; Rembrandt Bugatti, breathing life into the long-in-tooth Veyron still.

This latest hyper-exclusive edition to the expansive Veyron model line carries the same standard mechanical equipment as other Vitesse Roadsters from the legendary French marque. The latest limited-run Veyron also symbolizes the artistic accomplishments and life of Rembrandt Bugatti, who, tragically, took his own life.

The limited-edition luxury hypercar differentiates itself from others of its kind with a two-tone brown and bronze color scheme, as with the wheels and the interior. Of which, the bright work is done up with a platinum finish, while the interior upholstered in the finest cognac leather and emblazoned with the elephant symbol throughout.

The Rembrandt’s world debut took place at the 2014 Geneva Motor Show and sales are set to begin sometime early this summer. Exclusivity is no worry, as this latest Rembrandt edition is limited to a scarce three models, each carrying an astronomical pricetag of $3,000,000 apiece, securing instant entry to every collector’s club in the world.

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