Ford To Reportedly Launch Focus ST Diesel

Following in footsteps of Volkswagen’s iconic hot hatch, Ford Motor Company has been rumored to be developing an immediate competitor to the fun and frugal Volkswagen GTD. Ford’s entry would attempt to capture sales from consumers who flocked by the multitudes for a little piece of diesel-propelled enjoyment ever since the aforesaid GTD hit the market a few years ago in Europe.

Seeing as the gasoline-powered Focus ST is already a competent vehicle in the hot-hatch segment, a robust little diesel could never hurt. The most noticeable change in Ford’s sportiest diesel-Focus would be chiefly in the powertrain area, replacing the peppy 247 horsepower 2.0L turbo with a slightly less high-strung oil-burner, producing some 182 hp, though with presumably more torque, even in the lower-rev ranges.

Exterior adornments are expected to be similar as the original ST, with no shortage of widened fender flares, twin central exhaust tips, eye-popping color schemes, and of course, that massive hexagonal grille. As with the rest of the 2015 Focus range, the diesel-powered ST will adopt sleeker sheetmetal, with a more familiar front fascia and a more livable interior as well.

Presumably most important to you automotive enthusiasts is whether or not this diesel bundle of fun will be coming to our shores, or be left to the enjoyment of the forever-blessed Europeans. Since the model isn’t even official yet, there’s been no word from Ford one way or the other. But given that the GTD is for Euro-consumption only, don’t be too disappointed if the diesel-sipping Focus ST does not make the infamously difficult journey to America.

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