McLaren Honors 20-Year Sponsorship With ExxonMobil

McLaren has taken to the Australian Grand Prix to showcase its 20-year affiliation with ExxonMobil. McLaren, who is currently beginning the season without a title sponsor, dolled up its Formula 1 entrants in slick gray-scale Mobil 1 livery.

In a sport that often sees sponsors switching teams nearly as often as its drivers,¬†McLaren has had a great track record for maintaining long-term sponsors. In addition to ExxonMobil’s two decades with the team, Marlboro and Hugo Boss have sponsored McLaren for 22 and 31 years, respectively.

Despite unimpressive showings during pre-season testing, McLaren remains optimistic about the 2014 season ahead, no doubt due to both Kevin Magnussen and Jenson Button finishing on the podium at the 2014 Australian Grand Prix.

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