Porsche Would Have Reportedly Entered F1, If Audi Hadn’t Allowed For Le Mans Program

Wolfgang Hatz, Research and Development boss at Porsche, told Autosport magazine there were only two options left for Porsche to be back competing in “front-line motorsports”–Formula 1 or LMP1 racing.

Having revealed its brilliant 919 Hybrid, Porsche could have raced in either, but Hatz claims that “What could have influenced it was if someone in the group had said ‘Yes, but Audi is [at Le Mans] and you cannot compete with Audi.'” In fact, Hatz proclaimed Le Mans to be like a second home for Porsche.

The deciding factor whether Porsche would enter the Formula 1 or Le Mans circuit rested in the hands of the manufacturer’s parent company, Volkswagen. If word had come down preventing Porsche from competing with the likes of Audi, then a shift to F1 may well have occurred. However, as it currently stands, Porsche is set for battle for the upcoming World Endurance Championships.

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