Building The Koenigsegg One:1

Christian von Koenigsegg claims the One:1 is the world’s first megacar, as it produces one horsepower per kilogram. Equipped with a proprietary 310 cid twin-turbo V8 hooked up to a seven-speed dual-clutch transmission, the One:1 puts out 1360 horsepower. It could be characterized as a track/street version of the Agera R, itself no shrinking violet.

Koenigsegg is only planning on building six of the One:1, and they are all spoken for. Curious of what you’re missing out (aside of a $2+ million wallet)? Check out the below video from DRIVE while they prep this pilot model for the 2014 Geneva Motor Show. Of particular interest is the description of the suspension and how the One:1 can easily be configured for any track.


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