Ford C-Max Hybrid Facing Sales Slump

Ford’s efficient and practical C-Max Hybrid has been going through a bit of a rough slump over the past few months, with sales steadily declining in a short amount of time. Volume from January-March 2014 has fallen to 5,566 units, down 42.5 percent from the year before.

Ford Americas Executive Joe Hinrichs told The Detroit News that the reason for the slump lies in the vehicle’s lowered MPG ratings. When pushed by consumer-filed court cases to lower the advertised mileage because of owners’ claims that such numbers were unachievable, Ford fell to the pressure and reconfigured MPG ratings to 40 city/45 highway/43 combined.

Such news seemingly should not prove to be the end for Ford’s Prius V contender, but fallen sales have yet to show signs of recovery.

However, it seems that not all hope is lost for the five-door hybrid. Hinrichs has stated, “We’re definitely seeing consideration on C-Max decline over time. We need to reinvest in the production because it’s a great car.” Whatever the route of action taken by Ford to fix this issue, you can be sure to find the latest developing news here first at Motrolix.


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