Ford Makes A Return To Formula Drift In 2014

In commemoration of Ford’s second year of sponsoring Formula Drift, the men and women from Dearborn are back at it again, this time fielding an impressive lineup of drivers plus a special giveaway.

The Blue Oval’s driver lineup consists of two seasoned vets, Vaughn Gittin Jr. and Justin Pawlak. When the team reaches their first destination in Long Beach, California during April 4-5th for the opening round of the Formula Drift series, they will be introducing several giveaways including the grand prize Fiesta ST.

Though it is officially only the second year for Ford’s participation in Formula Drift, they are certainly not newcomers to the foray, bringing with them experience in the drift world as old as the series itself. Ford became interested in the art of drifting almost a decade ago, and with the introduction of an official league, they decided that the best way they could contribute to the sport was with their 4.6L supercharged V8.

Ever since Formula Drift’s inaugural season, Ford has steadily increased its relevance in the sport, with its legendary Mustang race car consistently scoring in the upper echelon of the drift division. Llast year, Ford won third place in the Constructors’ Championship.

For all the official news and information regarding Ford’s Official Formula Drift Squad, visit and have a great time watching one of North America’s most entertaining racing organizations.

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