McLaren Discontinues MP4-12C In Wake Of New 650S

Over the past few years, McLaren has rounded out its lineup with the addition of the P1 and 650S but, shortly after the debut of the latter, the British company has decided to discontinue its original MP4-12C.

Many may agree that this was to be expected, as the 650S is so closely related to the MP4-12C in both performance, price, and styling that offering both automobiles without sufficient demand for the latter was simply not worth the effort.

Interestingly, McLaren has decided to continue pushing development the now-discontinued MP4-12C, allowing owners to return to their nearest McLaren dealership for a free software upgrade mimicking the technologies displayed on the newer 650S. Such improvements include a modified drag reduction system a la Formula 1, added air-braking efficiency with the hydraulic rear wing, a state of the art infotainment system, and the option of Sirius XM radio for residents of the United States.

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