McLaren: The Profitable Supercar

Lamborghini allegedly began when a wealthy industrialist was dissatisfied with his Ferrari and Enzo’s response to it. The Ford GT-40 began as a way to show Ferrari you don’t mess with Hank the Deuce. But McLaren? With decades of racing success, it’s been only recently that they have joined the ranks of a few road cars that can be mentioned in the same breath. And this venture onto the street seems to be paying off.

According to, McLaren Automotive Ltd. expects gross profits to quadruple based on the production of its million-dollar P1. “It’s the main year in which we deliver McLaren P1s. You can expect quite a strong impact on our turnover and profits.” said Paul Buddin, McLaren’s director of finance. Buddin claims McLaren spends between $100 million-117 million a year on product development.

The P1 is part of CEO Mike Flewitt’s plan to introduce a new McLaren every year. Currently the manufacturer produces 1,500 vehicles annually but wishes to nudge it up to 4,500 within two or three years, which is more than what Lamborghini produces.

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