Next-Generation Ford F-350 Super Duty Spied

A heavily camouflaged next-generation Ford F-350 prototype has been photographed testing not far from Ford’s headquarters on the streets of Dearborn, Mich. The prototype is evidence that Ford is currently developing an all new line of revamped heavy-duty pickups to be slotted above the 2015 F-150 unveiled at the North American International Auto Show in January.

This prototype features one of the better cover-up jobs with camouflage we’ve seen from an automotive manufacturer. The black shroud covers what appears to be an extremely large cab, which could be similar to the ginormous ‘MegaCab’ option previously offered by Ram on 2500/3500 HD pickups, though the camouflage may make the vehicle appear larger than it actually is. seems to think the excessive camouflage could be an indication of the use of aluminium in the body of the new Ford Super Duty trucks, much like what the automaker did with the 2015 F-150. A heavy-duty pickup with an aluminium could prove to be a risk, although some think the weight saved might help reduce operating costs for fleet managers and employers.


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