The Jetta Is VW’s Most Popular Nameplate Globally

Although the Golf is a very popular model for Volkswagen, it’s not the brand’s most popular vehicle. That title, somewhat surprisingly, belongs to the Golf’s “brother-with-a-trunk” — the Jetta.

Since 1979, the Jetta has cumulatively sold over 14 million units while being VW of America’s number one-selling model for decades. And in 2013 alone, VW delivered 925,000 Jettas worldwide — making it the top-selling car for both the brand and the entire VW Group — an impressive achievement, to say the least.

And now that VW has introduced a very attractive refresh to the 2015 Jetta, we’re interested in seeing if the new sedan’s sales increase this year. Perhaps the updates will help VW surpass the milestone of 1 million Jettas sold in 2014.

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