The Volkswagen Golf Turns 40 Years Old

Seven generations, 30 millions vehicles, and 40 years of frugal fun later, our lucky automotive world is still blessed with the iconic Volkswagen Golf hatchback. You would be hard-pressed to find a man, woman, child (or even pet) who has not been touched the little German compact.

From the first generation to its latest iteration, the Golf has been loved the world over. As with many vehicles that have had a similar life span, the Golf may have grown, gained a bit of weight, and acquired more power, but it continues to hold all the wonderful traits that made the little Volkswagen the prototype for all small cars to follow—an Austin Mini 2.0, if you will.

Until another car sets the bar for all future compacts , the Volkswagen Golf will continue to be the gold standard in the automotive world. For now, we wish the Golf (and Rabbit, for you purists!) another 40 years.

Car-enthusiast since birth. British at Heart. Just enjoying the ride!

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