Volkswagen Golf R 400 Sketches Released Before Beijing Debut

Ever since the debut of Volkswagen’s seventh-generation Golf hatchback, the engineers from VW have been releasing an onslaught of new model variants of the utilitarian Golf—from the GTD to the Golf R and the electrically-assisted GTE, it seems the hatchback’s stable has been growing faster than the automotive world can handle.

Yet it seems Volkswagen has even bigger aspirations for the Golf lineup, with the inclusion of one new concept car set to debut in Beijing later this week. In a recent act of loosened self-restraint, the technicians from VW have decided to create an even hotter Golf R, this one packing an extra hundred horsepower.

Dubbed the Golf R 400, this spritely hatch follows the legendary Golf formula closely, with a turbo-four powerplant pumping out a CLA45 AMG-rivaling 394 hp. Power is transmitted to the ground by means of a heavily upgraded Haldex AWD system, and gear changes come courtesy of VW’s robust six-speed dual-clutch automatic. All that equipment translates into 0-60 mph in a Corvette-challenging 3.9 ticks, with a maximum velocity of 174 mph.

An array of other cosmetic enhancements, from flared wheel-arches and massive rims to an impressively built interior complete with racing-derived seats, help the 400 nail the outrageous concept-car design category; the paint scheme, complete with a metallic silver finish with neon yellow accents (in place of the standard chrome fittings) leaves no doubt.

At the moment it is relatively unlikely that the 400 will make it into production, though here’s to hoping that VW can manufacture a reason to put this mental machine into the public hands.

For full-coverage of the Golf R 400 at the 2014 Beijing International Auto Show, stay tuned to Motrolix.

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