Bentley Celebrates 95th Anniversary With Limited-Edition Mulsanne

Nearly 95 years after the debut of Bentley’s first automobile, the ladies and gentlemen from Crewe, England have decided to celebrate the occasion by releasing the Mulsanne 95 sedan. Total production run will be limited to 15 vehicles, all of which will be sold within the borders of the United Kingdom.

Each Mulsanne 95 is meant to evoke the spirit of the marque’s English roots, with the inclusion of options and cues made to seperate the Mulsanne from its more common brethren. These cosmetic upgrades begin with the exterior of the 95, with striking 21-inch rims, three bespoke exterior paint options, and the inclusion of a special gray-tinited “Flying B” hood ornament.

Continuing the theme in the interior, every inch of the luxurious cabin is adorned in premium-grade white and blue leather held together by contrasting red stitching. Each of the Mulsanne’s coddling thrones is also embroidered with a special 95 insignia, and the door sills also contain illuminated tread plates carrying a distinctive “Ninety-Five” inscription and Union Jack design. To finish off this exquisite package is a wood veneer obtained from a 400 year-old walnut tree said to have fallen from a devastating Lincolnshire storm in 2007, making for the perfect accent for each Mulsanne 95.

At the moment, the pricing for this special Bentley has not yet been released, but we can safely assume a final price tag just north of Bentley’s most expensive Mulsanne saloon.

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