Ford Drives 1965, 1967 Mustangs From Dearborn To New York: Video

On Monday, April 14, 2014, two Ford employees left the Dearborn Inn near Ford’s global headquarters in Dearborn, Michigan to head to New York in their ’65 and ’67 Mustangs. The two gents in question were none other than Moray Callum vice president, Design, and Chris Svensson, Design director, The Americas.

In effect, Callum and Svensson recreated a trip that took place during the first New York Show — where a group of Mustangs drove from New York to the Dearborn Inn. Underlining the trip’s nostalgic significance is theĀ fact that the route driven was the same as the one driven by the media 50 years ago, only in reverse.

Watch along as the duo discusses the trip, and its significance. We like this line from Svensson: “the ultimate road trip car is a Mustang.”

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