Porsche Investigating Brake Booster Issue In 2,500 European-Spec Macan Crossovers

2014 will most likely be remembered as the Year of the Recall. And while General Motors is leading the charge in that regard, Porsche also faces a little blunder. The German brand is currently looking into an issue with the brake boosters on 2,500 new Macan SUVs.  While 2,500 is a lot less than the millions of cars that General Motors has recalled, people don’t like to hear about brake problems.  The function of the brake booster is to use power to make it easier for the driver to apply pressure to the brakes.  Almost all issues are within Europe, and none are within the United States.

If you happen to live in Europe and own a Macan, Porsche will be kind enough to reach out to you to notify you whether or not there is a potential problem with your brake boosters.  In the meantime, Porsche says that the problem still meets safety regulations, and claim that they’re just not up to Porsche standards.

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