Rare 1969 Mk1 Ford GT40 For Sale For $2.5 Million: eBay Find

How’s this for an eBay find? Autoblog has stumbled across a car which we truly never expected to find for sale on the internet, an original, late-build Mk1 Ford GT40 from 1969.

According to the ad, this GT40 is owned by the director of the high-end Hublot watch company in Switzerland. It is chassis #P1108 and started life as an MK1 car which was built from spare factory parts in 1969. Despite being an MK1 GT40, it actually uses one of seven spare MK3 tubs which were left over in 1969.

While some GT40’s went on to solidify themselves in the Le Mans history books by showing Ferrari how it’s done, this car, first sold in 1971, never saw any track time. After assembly of the car was complete, it was sent to Germany where it was registered for road use. The first owner of the car, Thomas Esselborn, would drive the car daily, taking short trips in it from his home to work.

The mid-mounted engine in this GT40 is a 4.7-liter Ford V8 with Weber downdraft carburetors linked up to a ZF five-speed transmission. The car comes with four spare B.R.M. type wheels, the original vented racing seat and a thinner seat which will allow the 40-inch high supercar to accommodate a 6-foot tall driver.

The auction ended yesterday with the car not sold, which is unsurprising, as we can’t imagine the types of people willing to drop $2.5 million on a car are sitting at home perusing eBay ads. However we’re sure if you give the seller a call, he’d be more than happy to work something out. Check out the listing right here.

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