Tesla Installs 100th Supercharger Station

Oh, how far Tesla has come! In a few years, Tesla has gone from a young start-up (if not upstart) to being on its way on achieving the goal of feasible EV ownership. Just last week, Tesla moved one step closer by introducing its 100th Supercharger Station to its network.

The ribbon-cutting ceremony took place in the Trenton suburb of Hamilton, NJ with a crowd of nearly 100 eager attendees waiting to celebrate this milestone with Tesla. This EV station is now the 86th in North America, with another fourteen servicing Tesla’s European clientele—all free of charge. When one “fills up” at an Supercharger Station, he/she can charge the vehicle to half-full in as little as 20 minutes.

With this accomplishment, Americas can travel 12,000 miles without a single drop of gasoline, hitting every corner of the U.S. in a Tesla. Now if the company can solve its problems with its sales network, Tesla will be all set.

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