Audi’s Veterans To Technicians Program Helps Over 100 U.S. Military Vets To Become Audi Technicians

Over 100 veterans from the U.S. armed forces have commenced careers as technicians at Audi dealerships across the country thanks to Audi’s Veterans to Technicians Program. The achievement took place in late May, just as the program celebrated its first year anniversary since being launched in 2013.

The goal of Veterans to Technicians is to connect highly-skilled former military personnel with careers as certified service personnel at Audi dealerships, including service technicians, service consultants, shop foremen, and parts specialists. The program gives priority to veterans with proven automotive skills, but also provides opportunities for vets with experience in power generation, aviation, welding, electronics, hydraulic systems and maritime systems.

According to Audi, veterans “are the ideal employees for Audi dealerships”, since they are “viewed as a natural fit for the brand: the skills, experience, maturity, integrity and work ethic they bring to Audi ultimately translates into a top-level service experience for the customer.” Audi views these values as particularly valuable today as it seeks more technicians to match its growing sales. The brand plans to sell 200,000 new cars and SUVs before the end of the decade in the United States. To us, those projections seem rather conservative given that the brand sells roughly 15,000 new vehicles every month in the U.S., and there are over 5 years remaining before the end of the decade. But we digress.

“The veterans placed through the Audi Veterans to Technicians Program have already made a profound, positive impact on the high level of customer service found at Audi dealers across the United States,” said Reinhard Fischer, Director of Strategy, Audi of America. “While we are pleased with the initial veteran response to the program, it is imperative that the program continues to grow and flourish as the demand for highly-skilled service employees increases.”

The 100 employee veterans who have secured positions with dealerships represent all branches of military service, including Army, Navy, Marine Corps, Air Force, and Coast Guard. There is a total of three to six years average military experience amongst those hired, with the most popular military specialties being aviation maintenance, avionics/electronics repair, light wheeled vehicle repair, tracked vehicle repair, maintenance supervisor, and supply and parts clerk. Veterans have been hired by dealerships in all four Audi regions, with 237 dealers across the country currently participating in the program.

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