Believe It Or Not, The Porsche 918 Infotainment System Is Web-Based

Infotainment systems have been around for well over a decade now, and the concept has come a long way. In the Porsche 918, the system is based on ubiquitous HTML5 coding. Porsche’s development partner S1nn GmbH & Co. KG, Stuttgart created the system. It will feature applications and remote connectivity.  It will also allow for users to store their data directly in the car or in the car, meaning Porsche has long term plans to match and go beyond that of Audi’s 4G LTE connectivity for the future.

“It provides drivers with the operating experience they know from their smartphones. At the same time, we are more flexible than ever with the system and can quickly respond to the changing needs of drivers, such as with new applications or services,” stated Head of Interactive Electronics, Rolf Hartmann.

Unlike the operating systems found on today’s cars, Porsche plans for this one to be easily updated via the internet.  The system will have two screens to allow for ease of use or simultaneous use of two apps at once. A seven inch screen will control the options in the center console.

Being able to play Pandora through a specially equalized sound system in your Porsche won’t be the coolest thing about this though. Following in the footsteps of Tesla, you’ll be able to control almost all the dynamics of your car from your smartphone. Porsche says you’ll be able to control the spoiler on the 918, but expect the more practical features of remote start and adjusting the climate control all from your phone in future models across the entire Porsche range.

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