Porsche Classic Introduces Custom Motor Oil For Old Porsches

It doesn’t need to be said that old Porsches are wonderful cars, perfectly balanced with just the right amount of power and handling prowess. However, like any fine piece of machinery, they require plenty of maintenance to keep them on par. That’s why Porsche Classic has introduced a motor oil for these air-cooled classics.

Porsche says that modern synthetics can be too effective (yes, you read that right) by removing debris and whatever that debris was caked onto, destroying seals and causing leaks. Porsche decided to create a diluted formula of its own that is available in two weights: 20W-50 for the 356, 914, and 911 models up to the 2.7-liter G-Model; and 10W-60 for 3.0-liters and up through the 993-series 911. Porsche claims that air-cooled engines have different heat demands than traditional, water-cooled units, so Porsche Classic oil has been created to meet those requirements.

While charging more for a lesser formula may appear to be another way Porsche “gets” you, you must remember this is a specialized formula that is made in much smaller batches. When it comes to protecting your old Porsche, it possibly could be good insurance to maintain it with the tools given to you by the manufacturer.

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