Porsche Gears Up For Le Mans 2015: Video

The Le Mans race for 2014 year was epic, with new technology providing for a much faster pace . . . and more to go wrong. While Toyota dominated the majority of the race for the LMP1 class, Porsche (which celebrated its return to Le Mans) had the lead as late as lap 338. Audi, Porsche’s Volkswagen Auto Group sibling, took over from there to the finish and be crowned the winner. Porsche found themselves battling within their own team for part of the LM GTE Pro class, and only one car was forced to be retired over the course of 24 hours.

Overall, Porsche had a relatively successful time throughout the race and should be pleased. This promotional video vaguely cites their own mistakes and blunders that need to be improved upon, but the real focus is on the improvement. It has a positive tone, implying that the company is proud of its team and its achievements.

It’s very possible that Porsche will finish with an impressive win next year. They know that they need to be better in the corners, as does anyone that listened to the commentary on Fox Sports. While Audi has the best drivers, they also have the most refined car for the LMP1 class. Porsche, in contrast, has a bit more to play with. Whatever happens, it will be incredibly entertaining as always.


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