Porsche Reveals Three-Year Plan

Curious to know what Porsche will be doing over the course of the next three years? While there are bound to be pleasant surprises and mishaps, we’ve got Porsche’s plan all mapped out for you:

1.) Expect multiple versions of the Panamera and 911 to be released over the next few years. That isn’t a surprise on its own, but Porsche says to look for as much as 700 horsepower using hybrid technology from the 918 race car.

2.) The Cayenne will also add a hybrid version. Motor Trend thinks this car will end up within the range of a 3.0 liter V6 turbocharged hybrid engine. Where it will end up in price is a complete mystery.

3.) Two additional models, towards the higher end of the spectrum (about $185,000), will be added to the Porsche range. The first model is a Cayenne coupe. The second is the Panamera Sport Turismo. For that money, you can expect carbon-ceramic brakes, a lowered and stiffened suspension, and (naturally) a more powerful engine.

4.) The Porsche Cayman GT4 will give us an inline-six turbocharged engine producing around 400 horsepower. Expect this car to come at the end of the three-year plan. It’s not that Porsche couldn’t whip that up in a few months, but if the Cayman was that fantastic, no one would buy a 911. That’s why Motrolix is predicting a new 911 beyond new taillights, although Porsche has not said anything as such.
When confirmation comes for any new Porsche models, Motrolix will be here to bring you the news.

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