Porsche To Reportedly Introduce New Four Cylinder Engines For Cayman, Boxster

Going back to its roots from long ago, Porsche has confirmed that it will be putting flat-four engines in the Boxster, Cayman, and possibly other models. The engines would range from a 1.6L, a 2.0L, and a 2.5L with all of them being turbocharged and receiving direct injection.  The 2.5L boxer engine will produce around 360 horsepower and 347 foot-pounds of torque, while the 2.0L engine will make about 286 horses and 347 lb-ft of torque. One report cites that the 2.5L could be good for “up to 396 horsepower,” based on a quote from Porsche CEO Matthias Mueller.

Some may fret that we’ve come too far from the 10-cylinder days of the Carrera GT. But in reality, Porsche has made some quality four cylinder engine cars in the past, such as the 356, 912, and 944. Even the 919 Hybrid that we’ll see at the 24 Hours of Le Mans has a four-cylinder engine. That said, don’t expect to see a four cylinder engine in a 911 any time soon. With cars like the Boxster and Cayman GTS released, Porsche is well aware that it needs to give good reason for potential customers to want the more expensive 911.

Lastly, speculation rests that these small engines will eventually make their way into Porsche’s popular crossovers, but that might not be for a while.

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