2015 Dodge Viper Receives A Power Bump

Dodge has bumped up the horsepower of the 2015 Viper by five to 645 hp. Road and Track uncovered the increase during the SAE J1349 certification process, which the Big Three all partake in, but have not found a single cause behind the boost in horsepower.

With the release of Dodge’s new Challenger SRT Hellcat, the Viper no longer holds the title of most powerful car within the company. However, the five-horsepower bump brings the Viper’s output much closer to the highly anticipated Chevrolet Corvette Z06, which is rated at 650 hp. With a power-to-weight ratio as low as 5.2:1, the Viper will have no problem keeping up in a straight-line sprint, which is one of the reasons why Chrysler currently isn’t dropping the Hellcat into the Viper.

Chrysler’s big-bore V10 appeared on the automotive scene in 1992 with an output of 400 horsepower, but over the past 22 years the engine’s displacement has increased by 24.5 cubic inches and power has increased by over 60 percent.

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