Audi’s Amusing German Used Car Ads

Audi has created three ads as a way to promote the certified Audi plus program, which carries out a 110-point inspection before the sale, makes necessary repairs using OEM parts, and comes with a five year warranty. These German ads carry the same message: take better care of your Audi for the next owner.

The first video features a gutsy French Bulldog telling a detective, who’s staking out in an Audi A5 Sportback, to stop eating doughnuts in the vehicle because he has a sensitive nose and doesn’t want the officer to stain the leather seats. Since the video is in German, here’s the lowdown on what’s being said:

Officer: Who are you?
Dog: I’m the next owner of this Audi.
Officer: But you’re a dog.
Dog: Only in this life my friend, only in this life.

The second ad, titled “Bank Robbery,” features an attractive woman talking to a getaway driver in an Audi A6:

Woman: Don’t drive too fast, always use the indicators, never run a red light and, of course, don’t even think of getting into a police chase.
Man: Who are you?
Woman: I’m the next owner of this Audi.

The final ad – “Garage” – consists of an individual wrapping a pole in a parking garage with bubble wrap to protect his future Audi Q3 from fender-benders:

Audi prides itself on not only the quality, driving experience, and reliability of its vehicles, but also on their resale value. And at a time when certified pre-owned programs don’t seem to get the attention they deserve, it’s great to see the House that the Four Rings built bringing its own certified vehicle program to light, especially when they’re in the form of such unique ads.

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