Elon Musk Donates $1 Million For Nikola Tesla Museum

Back in May, Matthew Inman “sketched” a review of the Tesla Model S for his website, The Oatmeal. The rhapsodic review was followed by a request for Elon Musk’s assistance (in the form of $8 million) to construct a museum in honor of the scientist Nikola Tesla.

Musk replied to the plea for aid in a Tweet that stated, “I would be happy to help,” but it wasn’t to the tune of $8 million. Instead, the CEO of Tesla Motors has donated $1 million to the Tesla Science Center at Wardenclyffe towards the proposed 16-acre museum in Shoreham, N.Y.

While the museum gladly accepted the donation, it was taken with a mixed set of emotions. “[Musk] has challenged us at the Center to use our resources wisely, find additional resources, and reach our goal of creating this museum,” which means they’re going to have to find the other $7 million another way.

Besides the generous donation, Musk plans to build a Supercharger fast-charging station just outside of the (possible) museum for individuals making the trip to New York in one of his vehicles.

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