Jaguar Is Trying To Turn Driving Into One Big Video Game: Video

Jaguar wants to take page out of Gran Turismo’s book and offer what customers what it calls the “Jaguar Virtual Windscreen.” The video game-like heads-up display will make driving safer and arguably more fun.

Using the entire windshield as a screen, the Jaguar Virtual Windscreen projects navigation, speed and hazard data directly in the driver’s line of vision. It can also project the racing line. And like any great video game, Jaguar’s racing line is progressive, telling you how hard you need to get on the brakes and/or throttle in a curve.

But that’s not all the Jaguar Virtual Windscreen can accomplish. Say you’re lapping Silverstone (this is a British car manufacturer after all) and you want to beat a fellow driver’s lap time. Thanks to the Jaguar Virtual Windscreen you can theoretically upload a “ghost” of his or her car to your windshield and race the digital image. Jaguar also notes that you can lay out virtual cones for driver training as well.

“Showing virtual images that allow the driver to accurately judge speed and distance will enable better decision-making and offer real benefits for every-day driving on the road, or the track,” said director of research and technology for Jaguar Land Rover, Dr. Wolfgang Epple.

 Take a look at the video below to see a demonstration of the Jaguar Virtual Windscreen in action.

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