SyScan Conference Giving $10,000 To Hack Into Model S

If you weren’t interested in attending the Symposium on Security for Asia Network (SyScan) conference in Beijing this week, you should rethink that decision. Besides having security experts share their discoveries within the field, the conference will have a Tesla Model S to hack into.

Individuals who are registered to attend the SyScan conference will have to opportunity to hack into the Model S from July 16-17. The security conference is offering a $10,000 prize for anyone who is able to hack into the vehicle.

The rules of the hacking competition haven’t been released yet, but the organizers want the hacker to control the trendy electric car from a PC or make the in-dash browser visit a specified website. Seems simple enough right?

Unfortunately (for the hackers attending the conference), Tesla Motors currently has a good reputation for its defense against cyber attacks. The automaker’s full vulnerability disclosure program has allowed users to report any blemishes in the vehicle’s security. Kristin Paget, former “hacker princess” for Apple, has been hired by the car company to provide drivers with digital safety.

Even though the company/automaker isn’t involved in the competition, the company could revamp their security if someone were to hack into their system. The competition would provide Tesla and other automakers the ability to get a better idea of how to protect their vehicles.

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