The Radical Dubai Roadster: The First Emirati-Built Supercar.

The Dubai Roadster is the first Emirati-built supercar and it’s quite the looker. Even though is still in the preliminary stages of production, the vehicle seems to be drawing a lot of attention. And rightfully so.

Rashid Al Shaali, a former Emirati race driver who helped develop the vehicle’s design, said he has received dozens of calls as soon as news of the supercar was released. “I’ve already had four inquiries from people saying the wanted to buy the car now,” Shaali says. “I had to say, ‘Hold on, it’s not finished yet.’”

The fiberglass and carbon-fiber-paneled tubular chassis vehicle has received attention not only for its looks, but also for its power capability, as the Dubai Roadster will pack a 400 hp V-8 capable of accelerating the sports car to 62 mph in 3.5 seconds.

Shaali received help on the design from Mostafa Aldah, an Emirati engineer, and Anthony Colard, a French car designer. Together, the team plans to have 25 vehicles for sale at the Dubai Motor Show in 2015.

With an asking price of Dh 400,000, or roughly $110,000, the Dubai Roadster boasts similar horsepower figures and looks to the KTM X-Bow, BAC Mono, and Ariel Atom. If all goes well, the Dubai Roadster may even spawn a more expensive version boasting a titanium chassis.

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