Volkswagen Group Puts ‘Auto Union’ Rumors To Rest

Volkswagen Group issued a statement yesterday denying rumors that it would ditch its current name for the old Auto Union distinction. The speculation began on the internet earlier this week, but the auto conglomerate has since said “the name of Volkswagen Group remains as it is.”

The rumors began when Australian magazine GoAuto published a story about various high ranking officials within Volkswagen Group taking into consideration the name “Auto Union” instead of Volkswagen Group. The reasoning was that it would further differentiate the company’s brands from the Volkswagen brand.

Auto Union was the brand now known as Audi before the Audi AG name was adopted in 1985. The brand’s four rings represent a merger that took place between four different German automotive companies in 1932 to create Auto Union. The brand produced military vehicles for the German army in WWII, leading some to tie the Auto Union name in with Adolf Hitler and the Nazi party. After WWII, Auto Union was acquired by VW, forming the strong partnership which exists today.

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