Volkswagen’s New Midsize SUV To Arrive In Late 2016

Earlier today, the Volkswagen Group announced plans to build its upcoming Volkswagen-branded midsize crossover at its plant in Chattanooga, Tennessee, suggesting a significant financial and economic impact to the area Chattanooga area. In that announcement, the automaker mentioned that the vehicle will launch in late 2016, placing the vehicle roughly two-and-a-half years out from reaching dealer showrooms — a circumstance that likely has as much to do with the time it takes to develop the vehicle as it does with tooling the plant for its manufacture.

VW describes the upcoming SUV, which was previewed by the CrossBlue concept, as being in “midsize” in dimensions while being capable of seating seven. We expect the vehicle to have similar dimensions to the Toyota Highlander and to be priced below VW’s Touareg, which itself has midsize dimensions but is significantly more luxurious and therefore expensive than the sweet spot of the mainstream mid/full-size family crossover segment.

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