Audi Facing Steep Fines In China Following Alledged Violation Of Antitrust Laws

Audi has announced it will accept a penalty handed down to it by China’s anti-monopoly bureau for actions that were reportedly in violations of the country’s antitrust laws.

“According to investigations of the Hubei Provincial Price Bureau, partial practices in the dealership network of the FAW-Volkswagen Sales Co., Audi Sales Division in Hubei province have violated national Anti-Monopoly laws,” a statement released by the automaker read.

China’s anti-monopoly organization has launched investigations into the automotive industry in recent months. The purpose for the probes is finding out if automakers and their dealer networks are setting unnecessarily high cars and for replacement parts.

The details on Audi’s violation of antitrust laws are not currently clear. Audi said it was cooperating with the investigation, but added it could not comment further until the investigation is complete.

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