Special Ford Exhaust Pipe Helps Super Duty Diesel Achieve 440 Horses

The Cobra may make you think a hybrid sports car or a fancy Mustang, but these days it’s the shape of a special exhaust pipe that Ford claims helps its new 6.7 Power Stroke diesel achieve a class-leading 440 horsepower and 860 lb.-ft. of torque.

Ford says the cobra head shape “reduces exhaust gas restrictions to improve engine performance.” The cobra head shape helps remove the hot exhaust gases from the turbocharger with minimal obstruction to exhaust flow, which means more efficiency and horsepower. Advanced fluid dynamics computer modeling was key to create this optimal shape for maximum output and efficiency.

“Fluid dynamics allowed us to precisely tune the curvature and width of the pipe to optimize exhaust gas flow,” says engine air path technical leader, Robert Wade. “It turns out that a downpipe shaped like a cobra head is the ideal design for air flow and breathability, which we validated through thousands of miles of durability testing.”

Ford likes to point out that it is the only heavy-duty pickup truck manufacturer to design and build its own diesel engine and transmission combination. Hence, they were designed to work together and work seamlessly with all components and calibrations.

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