Second-Generation BMW X1 To Be Front-Wheel-Drive

There’s big news for BMW fans when the next-generation X1 debuts in June 2015 – it will be front-wheel-drive . . . what? What is the world coming to? Is a new dawn rapidly approaching? While FWD sounds contrary to BMW’s brand essence, there are good reasons why the entry-level Bimmer SUV is going down this route.

The 2016 BMW X1 is being developed jointly with the Mini Countryman and Clubman, all of which share the same UKL1 platform. The X1 will also have a transverse engine layout, putting to end the longitudinal engine configuration of the current X1. Besides the mechanical changes, the X1 will also feature more compact dimensions, making the larger and more expensive X3 a bigger step up.

But before you commit hara-kiri on thoughts of a FWD Bimmer, you can rest knowing that there will be a four-wheel-drive option. There also will be a sporty three-door X2 companion that will seat four and be reminiscent of the X6. Stay tuned to Motrolix for more info on the X1 when it happens.

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