2015 Fisker Karma To Be Same As 2012 Model?

When Fisker Automotive relaunches its Karma in early 2015, it may not be all that different from the 2012 model. In fact, the 2015 and 2012 might just be identical cars. Why? Upset suppliers and a lack of time.

According to sources, the new 2015 Fisker Karma won’t really be all-new. Rather it will be an identical model, possibly with a few upgrades. This could be a big problem for Fisker’s new owner – Wanxiang,as a lack of shiny, new features could drive down interest, which could be detrimental to the small-volume company.

When Wanxiang came to the Rescue of Fisker Automotive with a $149.2 million investment, it left many with questions on what it will do with the company and its vehicles. The biggest questions were what a stronger Fisker Automotive could build and what the future of the Karma — a model that only sold 1,800 units — held. Now, sources say that the 2015 Karma won’t be that much different than the first-gen thanks to two major problems for Wanxiang.

First, many parts suppliers were burned when Fisker went under. Today, these suppliers aren’t exactly eager to invest more time and resources into the company’s product development initiatives.

Second, engineering a new product takes a substantial amount of time. With a large amount of capital invested in buying Fisker, spending resources on engineering an entirely new product isn’t exactly a great investment. Afer all, Wanxiang needs a product to sell, make a profit from it, and then reinvest the profit in developing new product.

Ultimately, it will be interesting to watch the rebirth of the Karma. Is the timing, and economy better now, or will the gorgeous luxury EV go under again? Only time will tell.

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