2015 Saleen Mustang S302 To Offer Up To 640 Horsepower

The first tests of the 2015 Mustang have started to flood the Internet, but performance seems to be lukewarm for some, no doubt due to its 3800-pound weight. Desire more power and aren’t interested in waiting for the Mustang’s Shelby’s successor? Try the Saleen S302 for size.

The current 2015 Mustang GT is rated at 435 horsepower, but Saleen expects its naturally aspirated Mustang to achieve 450 horsepower; with a supercharger, output shoots up to a fabulous 640 horsepower. 

Saleen will market the S302 in three flavors: White Label, Yellow Label, and Black Label. The White Label will be the only naturally aspirated version and will feature exhaust and suspension upgrades (among others) to achieve the 15 extra horses from stock. The Yellow Label adds a supercharger but the Black label adds a whole host of modifications including air induction, new rear fascia with integrated exhausts, suspension upgrades, and leather and Alcantara seats, among other options.

So are you hot to trot for one of these? For a deposit of $2,015, you can reserve your Saleen.

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