Fan Attempting To Set Ford Mustang Parade World Record

What’s better than having a Mustang parade in celebration of its 50 years? How about setting a Guinness World Record at the same time. That’s the goal of local business owner in Lake George, New York.

A local pet product retailer in the area, Lisa Giknis, is organizing a massive parade of Mustangs with an eye towards setting a Guinness World Record, according to a Post Star news story. The current record for the same event stands at 766 cars and was set on April 12 by the Mount Hood Mustangs and Fords Club.

A long-time Mustang fan having owned five different models, Giknis has been working to beat this figure by reaching out to local and national clubs for the September 14th, 2014 parade. Currently, she is well short of breaking the previous record amount, with just 200 registered ponies. Undeterred, she continues to reach out to various clubs like The Mustang Club of America and by visiting an area car show.

Whether she is successful in breaking the record or not, it’s truly great to see someone so passionate about their favorite car while bringing together the owner community.

Image courtesy of Post Star.

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