Ford Adds 1,200 Hourly Jobs, Exceeds Goal Of 12,000 By 2015

A number of weeks ago Motrolix told you about Ford’s quest to create 12,000 hourly jobs by the dawn of the new year as part of the 2011 UAW contract talks. Not only has Ford exceeded that goal, but also we hear from Ford that the automaker has just announced 1,200 more job.

Ford‘s Kansas City Assembly Plant will be the recipient of 1,200 jobs to support demand for the all-new F-150 and Transit line of commercial vehicles. “I am very pleased we are able to add 1,200 new jobs to Kansas City Assembly Plant, which will strengthen this community and continue our efforts to grow good-paying, middle-class manufacturing jobs,” said UAW vice president of the National Ford Department, Jimmy Settles. “This is possible because of the collective bargaining process and the partnership between UAW and Ford.”

All together, Ford has added 4,000 jobs in Kansas City since 2012, with other jobs added at:

  • 3,600 at Louisville Assembly Plant
  • 1,800 at Michigan Assembly Plant
  • 1,700 at Flat Rock Assembly Plant
  • 1,600 at Chicago Assembly Plant
  • 600 at Kentucky Truck Plant
  • 450 at Cleveland Engine Plant
  • 240 at Van Dyke Transmission Plant
  • 230 at Chicago Stamping Plant

Adds Missouri Governor Jay Nixon, “Today’s announcement is proof positive that Missouri workers can compete with anyone in the world and further cements Missouri’s position as a leader in next-generation automotive manufacturing. Surging demand for the vehicles built here in Kansas City is a credit to the hard-working Missourians whose tremendous skills, creativity and work ethic continue to drive our economy forward.”

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